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Best of luck to you. I experienced 135MPH winds in 1987 not fun at all.





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As many of you know, especially if you've ever looked at my station
location, I live on the central east coast of Florida. What this means
is that we are anticipating some severe effects from Hurricane Irma
which is currently off the north coast of Cuba and headed our direction.

I have battened down the hatches (put up aluminum hurricane panels over
all windows), stocked up on supplies (full gas cans and propane tanks),
and laid in provisions (food and water).  As we have done for the past
30+ years, we plan to stay put in our brick home and ride out the
storm.  My YL and I agreed on a plan during our first hurricane season
that we would do this unless a category 5 hit was forecast or a category
4 was nearly guaranteed to make landfall at our QTH.  Thankfully, this
has not happened yet, nor does Irma fall into that category.

What this likely means, from our past experience, is that we will be
without power for some number of days.  We have a well and a generator
(hence the gas cans) and a portable A/C unit that the generator can
power in addition to numerous window fans depending on the outside
temperature and our gasoline supplies (generators drink LOTS of gasoline
and even more when loaded).  All should be good.

So, if you notice a mysterious absence of posts from me, or my KJ4ERJ-*
stations disappearing from the map for a while, that would likely be the
cause.  If I get a dose of Internet access and/or non-generator power,
I'll try to post an update here after the storm.

To anyone else on this list in the Irma's path, stay safe and good luck!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS.  As a said to a friend of mine the other day, we're all doing what
we think will make us "safe" in the face of a very uncertain set of
future weather effects.  YMMV

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