Re: Start up after power failure

Greg Depew

Make sure you have unzipped the file into an unprotected file tree. What your describing sounds like it was not unzipped. 

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Hi, I have a Dell OPTIPLEX 780 Running Windows 7 64 bitty
I downloaded APRSIS and have it installed and works fine but I noticed last evening we lost power for a short time and when I looked in on the I-Gate today the computer start program automatically didn't work yet I go into the document folder where I have all the APRSIS stuff in a folder called APRS  The APRSIS Icon is there and when I click on it  the program starts normally....I made a shortcut to this Icon/program to the desktop and put it into the Auto-Start program list again.  I yanked the plug on the computer again to simulate power failure, plugged it back in....the computer started but again "Didn't start the actual program it tries to start the program but askes me to put in my call and appears like we are starting all over again.  I'm wondering if there is a file I need to delete to keep this from happening??
Anyone else have this problem?


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