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Greg Depew

The Mic-e statuses are not messages. They are status bits. If you were looking at an APRS radio it would show on the screen. Aprsis32 shows it as an incoming message but it is not. It is a notification. Just as if the program says it has an update that's where the notification is.  

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I was trying to figure out why someone, out of the blue, at almost 11:00pm in the evening would send me a message. I ended up figuring that that person sent it by mistake, because the persons call was not familiar to me.
My son just got home from work and implied that the person didn't pay enough attention to the manual and was careless in sending.

I do think if I see another one of these I will reply and ask them if there is a problem....

Dave N8PU

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Im not sure I understand what you are asking.  You dont finger in these "messages" they are pre-defined.  You go to the menu and select them from the 1 of 7 message options.ob
If you want to send an actual message, then you select the message option.

Hope that helps

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My son just told me who you are in relation to APRS, I'm not trying to make you or anyone else made at me, I'm just trying to understand why things are as they are in today's world of amateur radio. Maybe in the eyes of some I fit the third line of what you said. The thing is my Yaesu FT2D was the first radio that does APRS and now (just a week or so) my TM-710G is the second. Even though I have been a ham since 1994, to APRS I'm new, just since September of 2016, so hopefully you and others understand why I am asking the questions I do.


Dave N8PU


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In original APRS there are three bit codes, SPECIAL, PRIORITY and EMERGENCY.  The intent was that these can be used during special events or higher to alert people that something special and short-term is going on.

The idea was, to alert all operators and with Priority and Emergency, to automatically center the map on the station as well.

Problem is, some people think they are special all the time and so they bother everyone else.

And once set, some people forget to un-set it.  I should have made those settings time out after 6 hours or something.




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Ok the dumb question, I forget the call sign but I saw the 'message' window had a message in it and it opened in the window in the middle of my screen and all it said was that the message was [Special]... WHY would someone ONLY send that message? Nothing before and nothing after...

Would that be considered "fat" finger typing?


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