Re: RF Enabled?

Greg D

STA light?  My 1278's STA is normally off.  DCD flashes with RF traffic, and the CON LED seems to blink briefly after a good packet is received.  I do see the STA light flash briefly when sending a packet, but it goes out before PTT comes on (which could be a few seconds later if the TNC has to wait for a quiet spot before keying up).

My 1278 is configured for KISS mode, but I have APRSIS32 set for KISS (not simplyKiss) so that I can return the TNC back to normal mode by exiting APRSIS32.  I believe I used the default KISS settings in the XML file (never edited them), at least as they were years ago when I first got it running.

The particular TNC that I have is a second-hand (or worse) 1278T, and I think it's in a more-or-less default configuration, but no guarantees on that...  I think I paid a dollar for it at a white elephant sale...  (well worth it, as it turned out.)

Greg  KO6TH

W4NHO@... [aprsisce] wrote:


Not sure if the 1278 is behaving like it should in KISS mode.  Yes, I went ahead and configured it in simply kiss.  The column on the left had side showing both APRSIS and the MFJ-1278 saying ok.  However, the STA light is still showing on the TNC.

At least I am now showing local and regional stations. 

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