Re: satellite tracking

Greg D

With all the stations trying to get through the ISS Digi (many reported
to be unattended), it's not unusual to have significant gaps in arrival
of packets from the ISS. The ISS won't transmit unless it hears a clean
packet, which is relatively rare. Mostly it hears fragments and noise.
You might try a late night pass, if available. A little less
competition on the uplink.

Unless they turn off the Digi for an EVA or docking, 145.825 is the
correct frequency, +/- Doppler of course.

Greg KO6TH

'Michael Wright' mfwright@... [aprsisce] wrote:

Last week I monitored 145.825 with aprsisce (didn't have the sat track
option working) but I heard nothing as if the ISS packet was not
operating (are they still using UHF?).

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