Re: Satellite list WAS: Packets bouncing of a digi before being igated

Greg D

Control oh, not zero.  Also, I believe you need to be on the Development version of the software to access this feature.

Greg  KO6TH

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Hi Control 0 did not work...any other Idears


CTRL-O is probably your answer.



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Hi I am having a problem with the satilite program. I can not get the stailite list to pop up can anyone help me out.



And remember, first packet to the APRSIS servers wins.

If your internet is slower than the time it takes for the other station to hear and gate you, that's the one you will see. 


To know if your station actually gated the packet or not, you will need to check the logs on your APRSIS32 instance.


Which logs to check are on this list somewhere. Besides, Lynn may even give a refresher on where to check.







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Does APRSIS32 gate all other packets received over RF?


If the packet generated from the OT3M is only gated after being DIGI'ed, then the computer probably isn't seeing the packet directly from TNC.


Is the OT3M configured to send internally (OT3M) generated packets to the computer? 



Robert Giuliano



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Any ideas why my Argent Tracker 3 OT3M connected with a APRSIS32 doesn't function directly as an igate? The Tracker 3 is configured as HK2LS-7 and APRSIS32 is HK2LS-8. You can see the packets are going from HK2LS-7 to another digi 5K4PRS-1 and then back to HK2LS-8 then igated. I can't get the packets to go directly from HK2LS-7 to HK2LS-8 then gated.   Here is the current path:  HK2LS-7>APOT30 via 5K4PRS-1*,WIDE1*,WIDE2-2,qAR, HK2LS-8






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