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Greg D

I'm not sure that a laptop / tablet that uses 12v would be any better (or worse) than one that uses any other voltage.  I would bet (haven't tested this) that their input voltage requirement is quite a bit narrower than the 10-16 volt swing that "modern" automobiles provide for their Accessory outlets.  Not sure I would want to put an unregulated "12v" from the car's Accessory outlet into the device, and to be regulated, it needs to take that whole voltage range - both higher and lower - and convert it as needed.  We're talking something more complicated than a

What you need in all cases is a DC to DC adapter that has an Accessory plug on one end for the car and a laptop-matching plug on the other end for the laptop.  Something like this:

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Greg  KO6TH

bobmorgan@... [aprsisce] wrote:


Good news on the 12v power requirement. I have not had the time to really look at a surface yet. Plan to get it it soon. Just hope I can find the right space in the SUV. I use RAM mounts for all my mounting my devices.

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