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Matthew and Fred:

I have Terrain Navigator (New England maps) on my computer. I cannot find any files that look like the typical tile files used by aprsisce. None of the usual suspect file extensions. Or directories will lots of same-sized files as one would expect when looking for tiles. I suspect that program uses database or even vector images (the USGS topos have been converted to vector files by some producers).

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  You seem to be the resource I'm looking for. Do you mind if I pick your brain?? If the questions get to daunting for the mail list can we email outside of the list?? 
Basically I don't have a space  issue and I need 100% of Californian maps already downloaded onto my tablet. I'd like to get down to that 15-18 level. I understand it will total in the millions of tiles. I just don't want to spend all
The time sitting and moving the yellow circle until Iv covered all of California. I use terrain navigator on my company laptop and figured if I can just buy the maps from tn I wouldn't  have to download them from OSM. Any suggestions on maps would be great

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I looked briefly at Terrain Navigator. It looks like it uses the USGS Topo, satellite imagery plus another 60 or so sources. In almost every case when a product uses a wide variety, they commonly use available sources such as OSM and ArcGIS. They may save the data as tiles or use a database format. If they use tiles then you can find them and very likely point APRSIS32 at them, otherwise they can’t be used. Look around your hard drive and you should be able to find the files. They could be sizable.

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