Re: aprs and weather station

Greg D

Hi Ed,

You don't specify what particular weather display software you're using, but the basic requirement for getting it to work with APRSISCE/32 is to have the weather software export its information into a file called "wxnow.txt".  See if you can search for an option in the software that talks about that file.

Then, within APRSISCE/32, create a Weather object, and point it to that file when you create it.  The APRSISCE/32 software will monitor that file, and post updates to the APRS-IS whenever its updated.

That's the high-level overview.  Let us know how you progress...  I just went through this recently, so good timing!

Greg  KO6TH

ed.vo1um@... [aprsisce] wrote:


can i get some help with the basic setup and settings of  

aprsisce and weather station ....

i am currently using  weather display software.  and my station

and i have that connected to a laptop with windows os .. 

can someone please give me some guidance on the settings to get this working plz

ed vo1um

Newfoundland Canada.

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