Re: PK-232 [1 Attachment]

Greg D

Looks to me like your TNC is not in KISS mode. 

If APRSISCE's port type is "SimplyKISS", the TNC needs to be locked into KISS mode before starting APRSISCE.  Otherwise, use a regular RF port and edit the XML file with the commands needed to put it into / outof KISS.  Unfortunately, I don't know what commands the PK-232M controller needs to do this...

Greg  KO6TH

tmtlu3@... [aprsisce] wrote:


Lynn  I downloaded a terminal emulator. I used the exact com and port settings I used with APRSISCE. It connected just fine with the TNC. I was able to see the TNC'S info as well as packets coming through the TNC. Unfortunatelly I am still having no luck getting APRSISCE to do the same.

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