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Arnold Harding - KQ6DI

I forgot to say in my original post.
It's a little embarrassing to say how great it is, then say the 'released version' is bad, so go get the development version...  
just saying.

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I would fully agree, the dev release has been stable for a long time now. And the gen release has a fairly old date which implies it is not being updated





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Please make the current "development release" (2016/08/24) the real release.  (Yes, I DO have the development version running.)


This is a great program, and the current "development release" works fine.  That cannot be said for the "current release" version which new people must start with.


It is difficult to recommend a great program like this when they can't get the stuff that works correctly without being told how to edit the xml file to load a "development release".  It would be much easier for us to recommend if we can just say to download it, and you will have the latest and greatest version...  at the moment, we can't say that.


Thank you for the great program.




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