Re: Off topic - anyone used the Python APRS libraries


Bob Harris wrote:

'> I've been thinking of implementing APRStt for sled dog races. To send
> the time each team passes a check point back to the race co-ordinators.
> I'd probably write it in C (since I have more experience with that
> language).

Are you familiar with this APRStt implementation?
  • APRStt Implementation Notes [ download ]

    Very few hams have portable equipment for APRS but nearly everyone has a handheld radio that can send DTMF tones. APRStt allows a user, equipped with only DTMF (commonly known as Touch Tone) generation capability, to enter information into the global APRS data network. This document explains how the APRStt concept was implemented in the Dire Wolf application.

  • APRStt Interface for SARTrack [ download ]

    This example illustrates how APRStt can be integrated with other applications such as SARTrack, APRSISCE/32, YAAC, or Xastir.

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