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Randy Love

So, I have to ask, what does CAP stand for?
I'm thinking that it isn't Civil Air Patrol.


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Whew! Someone else with similar terminology. I no longer feel like Oliver Twist. We call your "Chase Vehicles" "Rovers." Each Rover patrols the area between two SAGs; hence the tactical call sign might be "Rover1-2" for the ham going between SAG 1 and SAG 2. The duties of the Rovers is the same as what you describe for your Chase Vehicles.

We do not call 911 unless it elevates to an emergency (needing immediate medical attention). For intermediate injuries, the person is transported to a SAG where there is usually an EMT and then if necessary transferred to a EMS vehicle for transport to a hospital.

We have hams and APRS trackers in the CAP vans. Those vans provide transport back to the race headquarters.

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The term SAG seems to mean different concepts in different places. The rides for which I assist in communications SAG is a fixed location providing refreshment, Andy Gumps, rest and noise (band entertainment). Vehicles supporting the ride are Chase Vehicles and have limited facilities; water, first aid kit, tubes, pump and transport downed riders to SAG stops for bus transport. 911 is called for injuries requiring more than a simple bandage.

Different strokes for different folks.


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