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Hi Bob,
I slugged my way through the overlay thing a while back. I finally, and
with the help of several kind folks here, was able to hammer it into my
head. I used it several times to pre-fetch map tiles for an upcoming road
trip. Just about the time I got it down cold, however, googly maps dropped
the mapping feature that allowed the first stage of that process.
Fortunately, the race director provided GPX files of the course, so I was
able to get those overlayed. I have not yet tried to do the .POS files.

73, Ron (KC8SFQ)

As coordinator of some Half-Marathons for our RACES group, I've used
APRISce/32 to help keep track of our bike rovers on the course over the
last few years. Recently, through the help of this forum, I've learned
how to insert a .gpx overlay file to show the course route (very helpful).
If you don't already have this set up, I've attached a document that
details how to create a course in a .gpx file then insert it into the

In the document, I have used website to create
the .gpx file. This site was mentioned in another topic in this forum a
month or so ago. Others may have other recommendations for creating .gpx

Once I inserted the .gpx file into the APRSISCE/32, I then followed the
wiki (again, thanks for help from forum members on this topic) for
creating and inserting a .pos file to overlay on the map in order to show
stationary checkpoints on the course.

Hope this helps.

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