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Hi Bob and All,

How many APRS mobiles will be on the air at the event?
What rate will they TX,
Probably two mobiles, deaf trackers in the SAG's. Two minute beacon rate
and time slotted just to be sure. At this point, it looks like Byonic's
MT-AIO's. since we have those in stock. One "porta-digi", might not have
that beacon at all, just digi to fill in the valleys out on the far end
where I expect a hole. I have yet to run the course and check signals
though. I also plan to run my digi/ I-gate here at the home QTH. The
course goes within a mile of here. And of course the full featured APRS
station at NCS, right in the center of all the fun.

Who is watching?
Probably just race officials, Law enforcement or who ever sticks a nose
into the comms trailer. The whole world can watch, of course, but I doubt
much of the world outside the few folks directly connected will give much
of a hoot.

There's a big planning meeting the day after tomorrow with all the
players. I'll have a lot more information after that.
73, Ron (KC8SFQ)



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Hi Guys 'n' Gals,
I have two digi/I-gates up and running. One at the EOC (BRYEOC) running
24-7 unless the computer does an update or the IT department resets the
router. When that happens, the computer I-gate quits, but the digi is
to restart it's self. The one here at home is a bit more sporadic as I
on it. But all that is just FYI, not the basis for my question. Here
at home, I see this in the scroller: BRYEOC* 2/3 K0TEA-2*. Or perhaps
something like N8TJG-10*1/2 2M Net*2 (another local digi and
object for our Thurs evening net)
BRYEOC is our digi/ I-gate at the EOC; * means it was heard by RF;
K0TEA-2* is the station, also RF, that we digi'd
I also understand that the number after the * is the number of times that
a station was heard very recently. The part I have not seen before is the
fraction (2/3 above and it's always attached to the digi). I suspect it
also has to do with times heard. The station here at home is the only
I see the fraction. The setup at EOC is almost identical to this one
don't see the fraction there.
We are getting ready for our biggest rollout of APRS yet. And in fact, it
is the largest thing we've ever supported, with with any mode and this is
the first time for us to do this race. It's a bicycle race with 3000+-
riders on a 60 mile course in our hilly county. We have the digi at EOC
I'll move that up to the 200 foot antenna for the race. I also
at least one outlying "porta-digi" and at least 2 SAG's. The race is only
7 weeks out and that time will vaporize.
OK, enough rambling from me
Thanks and 73 KC8SFQ (Ron)

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