Re: Configuring a KISS or NMEA Port

Lynn Deffenbaugh

m6xsd wrote:
It's great toget the NMEA support, I am running it on my Desktop with a Haicom GPS connected to COM2 with an external antenna (just looking out of our front window).
It shows my location fine (although it seems to think I'm on the opposite side of the street most of the time, probably due to the GPS antenna location) on it's own map but asyet it doesn't seem to be reporting my location tothe outside world. I have only quickly set it up, so have I missed a setting I should have set?
I am currently using 'M6XSD-1' some if anyone sees me today I would like a report of when & where.
If you could e-mail your APRSIS32.XML file to I'll take a look at it and see if anything jumps out. I think you only need to have Enables/Tracking Enabled along with a good GPS Fix. Also, the Min and Max Times under the Genius configuration button might make a difference, but you should have at least gotten a packet when the fix was first acquired. What does the line under "APRS OK" say? shows telemetry coming through which indicates that the APRS-IS password is not an issue.

If I get time today I will see if I can emulate a KISS TNC on my Laptop & see if I can get RF to work. I will use a different SSID for RF, so again if anyone sees me 'M6XSD-#' with any SSID I would like to know.
APRSIS32 only supports one callsign per instance. I haven't yet sorted through the callsign uniqueness requirements across the various ports. To run a different call on the RF, you'll need to put a copy of APRSIS32 in a different default directory which will then prompt for new configuration information. Multiple instances can share an OSM directory, but you might have to man-handle the configuration to avoid a second OSMTiles directory tree within your original OSMTiles directory. I don't remember if I fixed that for multiple instances yet or not.

When you say "emulate a KISS TNC", can I inquire as to what you'll actually be running? There's so many options out there, I'm certain I haven't heard of them all yet!

I will let you know how I get on.
I'm looking forward to your status! Especially on the RF front!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

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