Re: Issues with OSM mapping and Tiles

Greg Depew

Try holding the right arrow key for a few seconds. 

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Subject: [aprsisce] Issues with OSM mapping and Tiles


Evening All,

Having a few issues with map files which are causing a few headaches. Been using this install for around about 2 years, on and off. I also follow the development updates as well. It usually runs 24/7 on my remote igate/weather station. I logged into the PC it ran on the other day and notice the screen was white and maps had disappeared. This machine sits behind a heavily filtered net connection so thought maybe that had block any map updates (Although I had disabled both Purger and OSM access).

To get around this, I disable all outputs and ports, zip up the folder and send it to my home connection. Again in this situation no maps appear, even if I try and completely change the OSM folder and empty it. Prefetch will fetch tiles I can see by the network activity, but no maps show. Thankfully as aprsis32 is quite quick to set up I started a fresh download and install of the latest download and re config. Map files are back and everything looks good, so left it running. Logged in 24 hours later and maps have gone again, just transferred to my home connection and still no OSM tiles and a white screen

Any idea's or tips


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