Re: need help sending messages

Greg Depew

You must enable the messages check box under Configure> Ports > (your port name).  And if you are going to act as an I gate for your area Rf to Is and Is to Rf need to be checked along with messages in both your Rf port and your is port.  If it's not setup that way you break 2 way messaging. 

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I'm quite new to APRS. I have APRSIS32 running on my laptop hooked to a Kenwood TS-2000 using the internal TNC. I do not have a GPS. I receive fine and get lots of icons all over the screen. When I hit the transmit button in the upper left of the screen the radio transmits and I have verified that I appear on Find U.

I keep trying to send messages and emails and they don't make the radio transmit. They just sit in the pending messages que. What am I doing wrong?



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