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I cant get aprsis to down load.


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First off I would like to thank Lynn KJ4ERJ. If he had not written
APRSISCE32 I would probably not be doing what I am.
When I first started using the software I was one of 3 people in the South
West of England to have an APRS system running. It took a while but things
have picked up a lot.
I realised quickly that the system would be very handy for emergency use in
our area, we have an area that is lovely (Dartmoor)in good weather, but good
turns to very bad in minutes.
I promoted the system by doing talks on APRS, and got asked by the Radio
Amateurs Emergency network (RAYNET) if I could provide a cross band APRS
system. Thanks to a couple of local Amateurs I managed to get a site that is
the highest in the area and used APRSISCE32 with 2 instances linked
MB7VT-2 and -7
Encouraged by the response I set up GB7TQ and GB7IE repeaters, they can be
linked. And Priority is Emergency use.
I am working on getting local rescues group to use the system.

A huge thanks to Lynn for starting me on the trip
P.S> big thanks to my Grandfather into radio, and my dad for getting me into

Good going, Steve.  Congratulations.


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