New APRSISCE/32 Release Notes!

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Here's what's new in the and -
Now available in the Files section at:

Short version:

1) Win32 version supports NMEA GPS

2) Both versions support KISS TNCs

3) Both versions support receive-only AGWPE (all ports)

4) OSM Maps can be pre-fetched and the fetcher can be disabled

5) UTF-8 characters are supported in Addresses, Messages, and Comment texts

Longer version:

1) Support UTF-8 characters in Address information

2) Initial support for AGW's Packet Engine (Receive-Only via "m" monitor

3) New configuration parameters for (at least in XML file!):
Enables for AGW, KISS, and OSMFetch
Outbound Beacon Path (defaults to WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1)
Preferred map view
GPS, AGW, and KISS Ports (Com or TCP)
Telemetry Interval

4) Com port configuration dialog (used for NMEA GPS and KISS)
This may not show all of your Bluetooth ports (yet)

5) TCP IP/Port configuration dialog (used for AGW, NMEA GPS, and KISS)

6) Corrected truncation issue on additional Filter text and comments

7) Configuration Dialog now has AGW, KISS, and NMEA buttons

8) Support UTF-8 characters in APRS Messaging and Station Comments

9) Tweak EarthRadius from 3,959.0 miles to 3958.76 miles

10) Stretch OSM tiles if a correct one isn't available (will resolve as
soon as fetched)

11) Support zooming in further than actual OSM maps support (important
for geocaching)

12) Support prefetching OSM tiles along with disabling fetching
on-the-fly (allows for offline operations)

13) Provide age-bucketed count and size of cached OSM tiles

14) Only purge old OSM tiles if fetching is enabled

15) Support NMEA GPS (only on Win32 currently)

16) Support KISS TNCs via serial (hardwire or Bluetooth) or TCP/IP port
Currently sends the following hard-coded command sequence:
KISSCommand(&cp, "\r");
KISSCommand(&cp, "\r");
KISSCommand(&cp, "XFLOW OFF\r");
KISSCommand(&cp, "KISS ON\r");
KISSCommand(&cp, "RESTART\r");
Otherwise, it expects the TNC to already be in KISS mode

17) New View/Map/Prefetch menu option - This prefetchs 3 zoom levels of
OSM tiles covering the entire visible map when selected. Note: You
better be on a fast connection when you do this!

18) View/Preferred/Restore and Save - This will allow you to save a
center point and zoom level for later recall. If one is saved, the
program starts in the preferred view. Double-clicking the Scale number
restores the preferred view.

19) View RF/All, Direct, or Local - Filters the display to stations
received over RF, either All, or Direct (0 hops), or Local (up to 2 hops).

20) Double-clicking the Battery Bar (extreme right edge) now shows the
power status of the machine.

21) Telemetry is now possible from Win32 (especially useful for mobile

22) APRSISCE/32's window title now reflects the configured callsign

23) Handle "rej" packets and stop retransmitting an outbound message

24) Auto-respond to various queries:
?APRSD - send a list of "recently" directly heard stations
?APRSL - send a list of "recent" "local" stations
?IGATE - Transmit a Capabilites packet
?APRSP or ?APRS - Force a position packet (if Tracking enabled)

25) If you are tracking a station and drag the screen, the tracked
station's beacon points remain highlighted.

26) Double-clicking the GPS heading window will return center to a
tracked station. Double-clicking it again will return tracking to your

27) Telemetry is only defined once, instead of every time the client
starts. Telemetry version is tracked in the configuration file so that
it will be re-defined as version upgrade what is being logged.

28) Station Popup now shows lots more stuff:
Station Status seperate from Comment
Capabilities (if ever received)
-IS vs RF paths (or both) over which packet was received
Title reflects # of Hops or IGate

29) Include station comment in Address lookup popup

30) Pending messages now show retry information and allow starting the
retries over or aborting a message

31) Double-clicking on the +/- zoom bar will directly set the zoom

32) Station Usage popup shows RF counts (local and direct) if any

33) The scrolling station list shows a * for RF-received stations and a
count after the * for duplicate packets received

34) Double-clicking the map now shows OSM tile statistics. These may
not be available until the client has run for at least 5 minutes.

35) The right edge of the satellites in use and in view bars now shows
the count of satellites in that list.

36) BitBlt errors are no longer displayed when a laptop lid is closed
with the client running (for instance)

37) Slightly improved logic to get the initial center position set on
first client execution.

Note: Any packets transmitted by APRSISCE/32 currently go out ALL
enabled ports. This includes beacons, messages, and acknowledgements.
Telemetry, however, is only sent via APRS-IS if that connection is good.

APRS Packet Parser updates:

1) Parse 3rd party sender out of APRS-IS packets

2) Parse Capabilities (<) packets

3) Parse Status (>) packets & Display on station popup

4) Extend comment text from 80 to 128 characters

5) Better duplicate packet detection using CRCs

6) Support new Overlayed symbol names (not icons) per

7) Better handle parsing direct (pathless) packets (important for
RF-received packets)

8) Hop count = 2 for 3rd party traffic (not sure which path would be valid!)

9) Default symbol to red dot per spec

10) Default weather data to Weather Station symbol per spec

11) Default $ data symbol to red cross (no symbol) per spec

12) Support ToCall symbol specifications if no explicit symbol in packet

13) Use -SSID implied symbol if none specified anywhere else

14) Reject packets with invalid N/S E/W for coordinates

15) Don't parse compressed lat/lon unless it's really there!

To Dos: (Still Incomplete and getting LONGER instead of SHORTER!)

Wade through pending APRSISCE e-mails and expand the ToDo List!

Support checking revision of tiles when loading, via's
/status URL.
Find a way to mark tiles referenced on Windows Mobile without slowing
down map loading (queue references to fetcher thread?).
Use HTTP/1.1 in OSM Tile Fetcher to improve throughput (multiple tile
fetches on a single connection).
Implement a compass direction/distance screen for homing in on GeoCaches.
NMEA serial (BlueTooth) GPS support for Windows Mobile.
Update Bluetooth Port Enumerator to show all under Windows Mobile
KISS TNC initialization files (adopt UI-View syntax)
Remember and provide for re-display of received messages.
If target station's platform is known, format message sending screen
Optionally transmit either 1 or 2 !DAO! digits.
Parse and display Frequency object information
Support the -180/180 latitude wrap with closest display tile
Find a better icon scaling algorithm based on screen size & scale
Allow non-initial (re)configuration of location for OSMTiles cache (w/o
editing XML)
Allow configuration of date/time display & GMT vs local (Dave N8PU)
Allow configurable removal of some screen elements (Satellites, John N8JJ)
Record/Recall last DNS/IP for OSM/APRS-IS (in config file, for
connecting without DNS)
Asynchronous TCP/IP connections & reading (solves hangs)
Timeout on OSM Tile fetcher (solves stalls)
Implement whatever results from the Zoom +/- Poll

Make Local Hops, Recent Minutes, and Duplicate Seconds configuration options
Make Message Retry parameters configuration options

Split ?APRSD and ?APRSL lists into multiple messages
Support more ?APRSx queries

Add RF traffic and IGate rates to Telemetry

Win32 client only for the following:
Simultaneously track multiple targets in separate circles

Detect and highlight source of delayed duplications
Additional View/Filter options based on symbol types

Feed-through APRS-IS with local filters (for multiple instances of Win32
version with a single full feed to APRS-IS).

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