Re: Balloon Launch Today?

Greg Depew

And the EL stations are most likely echolink objects.

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Tones and CW are usually a "fox"
Robert Giuliano

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Is there a balloon flight today? I'm hearing a series of music-like
tones followed by a short CW ID on 146.565. It is odd though that I
can only hear the signal on one radio. None of my other 2 meter
radios are hearing it regardless of squelch level. And the radio
that I'm hearing it on isn't on the best of my antennas. I'm in
EN61WX. I don't see anything that looks like a balloon flight on the
APRSISCE screen.

There are two stationary stations that have a call sign starting with
"EL" followed by a six digit number. One is in Michigan City, IN,
and the other between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, MI. I don't know
what those call signs designate. And, are they legal?

Gary - W6GVS

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