Re: Boxes around icons


Hi Randy,
It can't be very ambiguous then, It is tight to the icon, and during bread
board testing it was placing correctly on the map. IIRC the box had
something to do with an error of some kind in the packet it's self
(checksum??)I also think the color of the box mattered (mine were black).
I know that if my packet doesn't contain proper GPS data, I find my self
swimming off the coast of Africa.

73, Ron (KC8SFQ)

At the moment, the particular tracker in question is about half way into a
tracker box. It having been bread boarded on the bench. I hope to finish
the mechanical and permanent wiring sometime tonight leaving tomorrow for
final road testing.

I believe those are position ambiguity boxes.
The bigger the box, the larger the ambiguity.

Do you have a callsign for one of the stations displaying a box around it?


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Where are you going to be?
What software or mapping set up are you going to use?

Thank you, Chris Rose

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Hi Gang,
I'm getting ready for my first "large scale" APRS deployment. Large
being more than just one basic station. At times, on Sat., we will be
running a couple of trackers, (maybe 3) and a couple of 1-1 temporary

In testing, I am seeing some of my icons having boxes around them. I
recall a discussion on that topic some time back, but a quick search of
archives came up blank.

If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be much

Thanks and 73, Ron (KC8SFQ)

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