Nets, Messaging and Loging


Hi gang,

There is a bit of APRS activity growing here in the county (Yay). With new activity, comes new questions. The two most recent questions come from a recent chat with a fellow club member, and regard messaging and nets.

The first is Nets. Is there a way to conduct a round table using APRS (and APRSISCE/32 in particular). I have messed with chats, using a chat window for each station in the group. With too many windows to keep track of, that was not handy. I have also tried EAVESDROPPING. That was like drinking from a fire hose.

The second question regards messaging and logging. I have activated message logging, but that seems to only record the message event, not the text of the message. I think that content would be important in the case of an event when the question is raised in an after action report as to the content of a particular message. Perhaps with legal ramifications. Also is there a way to extract text from a chat window for export? Cut/Paste didn't seem to work for me.

73 and thanks, Ron (KC8SFQ)

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