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Lynn Deffenbaugh

Phillip wrote:
Hi Lynn,
Thanks for your efforts..
How do I send a beacon I have my Lat/Long set I am connected to the APRS-IS
If you have your lat/lon set and the correct APRS-IS password
configured, APRSIS32 should be sending beacons. Please do the following
steps and e-mail the resulting APRSIS32.LOG along with your APRSIS32.XML
file to

1) Turn on Enables/Debug Logging
2) Close the client
3) Restart the client
4) Wait a few minutes and/or hit the Transmit menu option (if enabled)
5) Turn off Enables/Debug Logging
6) Close the client. APRSIS32.LOG and APRSIS32.XML should be in the
directory with APRSIS32.EXE. Email those files to

1/ Documentation ( Help file )
On the list, but probably not very high as things are still changing
pretty quickly. I'm thinking of an annotated screen that describes the
visual functions well in advance of any formal documentation.

2/ Be nice to see either AGW or BPQ support or both for the desk top version, this will allow multiple ports
BPQ is being updated all the time
I'm not familiar with BPQ. Can you provide a link to developer's
information on interfacing to it? I've got some idea of how to use AGW,
but KISS will definitely be released first.

3/ Be able to configure all settings via pop up windows
I've got plans for this one, but for normal users, the parameters
presented currently are all that should need to be changed. I'm
planning an "advanced" configuration that will walk through ALL of the
parameters of the XML file with some short textual description of what
the parameter does. At least you won't have to close the client, edit
the XML, re-start the client!

4/ Allow for more than 1 selected APRS-IS so that if 1 disappears the program will move to the next
If you use one of the rotate DNS names ( or or one of the regional names
(, rotation will be automatic. I'll add
this to the list, however, for those that want tighter control of which
APRS-IS servers to use. (For those that didn't know, the default
APRS-IS server is The upcoming release will show the
configured and current APRS-IS server/port in the Info popup of your own
station ("Me").

5/ Selectable Miles or Kilometres etc
On the list and raising in priority....Just don't ask me for
internationalized languages any time soon. That's MUCH more complex
than I plan to get anytime soon. I'm too impatient of a coder to not
put quoted strings directly in the source code!

Keep the suggestions coming!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

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