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Hi James,
Well the short answer would be "yes" all of the above. We expect to have a
DIGI/display at the Start/Finish. That will be a DIGI as well. There will
be another station/DIGI at the far extreme of the course. Those will
pretty much stay in place the whole race. The one out on the extremity
will shut down and recover after the race has progressed past it's
usefulness. The Start/Finish, will obviously stay up for the entire 24
hours. There will also be 3 (maybe 4) dumb trackers on lead, sag1 sag 2
and sag 3. those logically will be in almost constant motion..

Don't break SmartBeaconing by setting bad speeds and rates in the
SmartBeaconing parameters.

If you want to use fixed timing, set the unit for a fixed time interval.

You haven't told us what units you will be tracking. Are you tracking
fixed stations, deployed assets that will sit still all race, moving
assets, such as lead and tail, or others?


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A little over a month ago we had a bicycle ride and had 16 APRS trackers
out and about. We had the transmit interval on the trackers between 90
and 120 seconds so we could get timely reports. When you consider that
each position report is less than a second, in 2 minutes, in theory, I
have time for 120 tracker reports. Considering that I can't control
other APRS transmissions in the area, I just assume that I will have
collisions and not get every report. Time slotting just won't help
since you can't control others. Vehicles will be in canyons. There are
just things you can't control.

An igate is easy with APRSISCE. I had 2 computers at our HQ with one
having a radio and being an igate and display, and the other just
getting data from the internet. We had 2 digipeters, with probably a
lot more in the area providing coverage. I was surprised how many of
the reports to the IS server went through my computer. It was hundreds
(if not a thousand), and they all went through my phone hotspot twice
(two computers...).

1. Smart beaconing is not good for an event. If a vehicle stops to fix
a flat tire, you might not know for 30 minutes... Not what you want. I
set Low Speed to 4 MPH and Fast to 5 MPH. Then I use 120 seconds
stopped and 90 seconds moving. Or you will never know where that
stopped vehicle is.

2. I would not go IS to RF. You don't plan on re-broadcasting what is
on the internet, just sending to the internet. You don't need more
traffic on the radio unless you are doing something demanding it.

2a. can show you a tremendous amount about your station under
"info". There is a section called "APRS igate - Statistics". Also,
near the top of the "info" page near your callsign is "show graphs".

I only loaded aprsisce 2 weeks before this event, but have been using
APRS for years. It should work well for you.


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Howdy all'
I have been working feverishly for the past couple of months, getting
APRS ready for it's debut in a local bike race. This race has been going
on for a couple decades, but they have never successfully implemented
APRS. I have been lobbying for it's inclusion for several years now.
This year the COMMS director came to me and said "OK, smart a**, lets
see if YOU can make it work" Oh..Oh, it's bluff caller time.

I have two DIGIs testing (KC8SFQ- 11&12), A new tracker comes on line
every few of days (KC8UJA-9, KC8SFQ-13, KB8YGQ-?). Now I just heard the
race director wants an I-GATE as well, so they can follow race progress
on their cell devices. (maybe I opened my mouth and put my feet in).

Now to a couple questions:

1: Can time slotting AND smart beaconing play well together?

2: Configuration: Home station running APRSIS32 and various radio/TNC
combinations ( KC8SFQ no SSID)

I have selected RF to IS and IS to RF under CONFIGURE/ PORTS/ APRS-IS.
When I look at ENABLES/ VIEW LOGS/ IGATE ENABLED, I see several entries
consisting of a time stamp followed by *****IGATE DISABLED

2: Question: a, What have I missed? (IIRC, it's not in the XML) b, how
can I test to insure the gate is working?

Thanks in advance, Ron, KC8SFQ

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