Re: I-gating and other goodies


Now to a couple questions:
1: Can time slotting AND smart beaconing play well together?
I've had a couple replies to this one. Thank you. They pretty much
confirmed my suspicions about the two together.

............... IGATE ENABLED, I see several entries
consisting of a time stamp followed by *****IGATE DISABLED
2: Question: a, What have I missed? (IIRC, it's not in the XML) b, how
can I test to insure the gate is working?
A little while ago, I got an APRS message from a nice guy in Fla (KJ4ERJ).
It turned into a QSO. BTW, Lynn, I got the kitchen light working before my
wife got home. I'm on her "good list" again (at least for the moment).

Why is it that I am un-impressed with the ability to send kitten pictures
across the world with a little box I can hold in my hand. Yet I am
positively geeked by a simple text conversation using a pile of junk and
a jumble of wires that I kluged together my self. Oh, OK....That's
probably why.

Anyway, Lynn provided the last puzzle piece. RF to IS and vise versa must
be turned on in the IS port AND the RF port. I am now gating my little
butt off. Again, once I have all the pieces, my "duh" light comes on and
it suddenly seems so obvious. Thanks again, Lynn, Not only for this cool
program, but also for your willingness to help those of us who sometimes
struggle with the simple stuff.
73, Ron (KC8SFQ)

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