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OOPS< This was intended for the Argent forum. It is indeed a TNC command.
I got the DIGI running and am now exploring the remote commands.
My apologies.

What "power ON" message are you referring to? 
APRSIS32 runs on a computer.  "Power OFF" means it will never receive a
"power ON" because it is no longer running?
Are you referring to a TNC command?

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[aprsisce]<aprsisce@...> wrote:   Hi Gang,
The Barry County DIGI is up and running, and filling a much needed
requirement in the APRS fabric. Thanks for all the help.

Of course, with every door that opens, there are a bunch more that need to
be knocked on.

Here's my question (s):
if I read the manual correctly, The POWER ON <n> command can be used with
a numeric argument to turn the power output on for <n> seconds at which
time it goes, and stays, off until the POWER ON <n> command is invoked

If I invoke the POWER ON command without the numeric <n> does it stay on,
awaiting a POWER OFF command?

Please explain how POWER ON <n> differs from PULSE <n>

The idea here is to mount a horn and/or a light on the exterior of the
porta-digi so someone can find it to retrieve it at the end of a

I present the following scenario for your reading pleasure: The deployment
is ended and the shift has changed.  K8 WALKING DUDE is sent to retrieve
the DIGI. The following exchange takes place:

NCS, This is K8 WALKING DUDE, over.
K8 WALKING DUDE, this is Net Control, go ahead, over
NCS, this is K8 WALKING DUDE, It's dark out here, where did you hide this
thing? over.
K8 WALKING DUDE, this is NCS, stand by, I'll blow the horn, over
NCS, this is K8 WALKING DUDE, found it, K8 WALKING DUDE out
This is Net Control, K8NCS, clear

Now with seven power outputs and seven horns, you could have it play "Mary
Had a Little Lamb". The mind fairly boggels at the possibilities.

73, KC8SFQ, Ron

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