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Lynn Deffenbaugh

Phillip wrote:
Hi Lynn,
Just to let you know I have the Win32 aprsisce on test here
looks good ..
Thanks for the feedback. If you see anything you'd like changed please mention it here. Even if it's been mentioned by others. It'll help me set my development priorities.

Awaiting more inovations etc
I had hoped to have the KISS/NMEA GPS support out by now, but my day job has been stretching into the evening for the past several weeks. I did take a mobile APRSISCE (yes, the Windows Mobile version) IGate on a road trip this past Saturday and Sunday. The IGate was running as KJ4ERJ-12 and was co-resident in our Safari van which tracks (RF-only) as KJ4OVQ-9. I guess it's not surprising that KJ4ERJ-12 gated most of KJ4OVQ-9's packets for the trip, given that the two antennas were only 4 feet apart.

The setup was:

KJ4ERJ-12 was APRSISCE running on an AT&T Tilt phone
BlueTooth serial link from phone to an IOGear GBS301 BT to Serial
GBS301 plugged into a T2-135 TNC embedded in an Alinco DR-135 radio
Borrowed dual-bander 1/4 wave mag mount on the roof

KJ4OVQ-9 is the standard tracker in the Safar
Nuvi 350 hooked to a T2-135 embedded in another Alinco DR-135 radio
1/2 wave mounted on fender so it looks like a redundant FM radio antenna

While on that test run, I uncovered an apparent issue in APRSISCE. It runs for about 1-2 hours with full gating before freezing the program. I can force the program to close without rebooting the phone, but there's definitely some sort of leak in the KISS or IGate support. Now I have to embed some diagnostics in the program to figure out what's going worng.

Once I get that debugged, and get a configuration dialog on the serial port configuration (BlueTooth serial ports are harder to discover under Windows Mobile than they are on Win32), I should be able to get it released.

Anyway, that's the state of the code at this point. Let me know what else you'd like in the next release and I'll see what I can do! Hopefully soon I'll be able to update my ToDo list so you know what's been suggested already!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

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