Re: Hardware requirement for WM version

David Tse

Lynn, I haven't had a chance to test it out yet on my e830 or my e805, but I'll do it once I get some time to. I think it is another user who was asking about CE platform.

I do not own any CE platform devices at the moment (well, there is one, but not being used: it is a Clarion AutoPC 310C, which is the AutoPC (now defunct) platform based on Windows CE 2.0, I used to use it in my old car, running Odyssey 2000 navigation package).

The reason I asked about e830 and e805 is that both units have a 4.0" large LCD, and they are not being used right now so it's a bit of a waste (too lazy to sell them). I might be selling my HTC Advantage x7501 so even though it'll work fine I might not be able to enjoy it. The MWg 503g's screen is a bit small so I might not be using it either.

I also acquired a MID lately: BenQ S6 running Win XP, and will test your win32 version soon (once I set up the unit w/ other things first).



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Is this on the Toshiba e830 and e805 that you mentioned originally? Or
one of the other devices? If it's Pocket PC 2003, I might be able to
try building down to there, but I suspect that some of my features (like
the map display) won't be functional as that uses new features of the
Windows Mobile shell API.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Mustafa AYDIN wrote:

When I double click the exe file from file manager , nothing happens .
My device just continue working asif I didn't do anything.

Do you think I need to add some dll files to windows directory to get
the program work under winCE ?

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WinCE 6.0 or Windows Mobile 6.0? I require Windows Mobile, not WinCE.

What is the error message you are being presented with?

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

ta2ey wrote:
Hi Lynn,

I just joined this group and tried APRSISCE program on my device
with WinCE 6.0 OS.

Unfortunately it didn't work under WinCE .
I managed to work APRS-CE without problem.

is there anything I can do to use this software under WinCE 6.0 ?


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"Lynn W. Deffenbaugh" <kj4erj@> wrote:


My build environment says Windows Mobile 6.1, but I know it runs on
5.0. As far as 2003, I suspect it won't work because I'm not sure the
GPSapi goes back that far.

The best I can suggest is to put the .EXE on the device and see if it
runs. If it does, you're good. If it doesn't, let me know what it says
and maybe I can build a version that works around the issue.

I used to have an original Toshiba e755 before I left it in a loaner
car, the dealer recovered it, put it on a shelf, and it disappeared
before I got down to pick it up. They ended up reimbursing me for it
because they knew they had it and knew they lost it. That's what paid
for my AT&T Tilt because there were no other PDAs on the market by
time (well, there WERE PDAs available, but the Tilt with a 2 year plan
was cheaper and more functional).

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

ve7mdt wrote:

I tried to look for the info but haven't been able to find it
(readme, release note etc).

Which Windows Mobile versions are supported? Are WM 2003 and 2003
SE supported, for example? Or only WM 5 or above?

The reason I asked is that I have an HTC Advantage x7501, a MWg
503g, both on WM 6.x right now, but I also have Toshiba e830 and e805
which are only WM 2003 SE, but I want to make good use of them as well.

Thanks and sorry if this info is easy to find, I just haven't been
able to and I tried the search as well.



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