aprsisce filters & behavior


I was getting ready to shut some things down in the shack around noon on Saturday and run some errands when my D710 blipped a balloon icon at me.  Turned out to be a university professor launching a couple high altitude balloons about 65 miles southwest of me.  One was KD0AWK-8.  I forget the other call (I'm not in my shack at the moment).

Anyway, I spent the next hour or so tracking their flight.  I used the "center on..." functionality in APRSISCE to keep them in focus.  Unfortunately, the balloon beacons were being digipeated, even at higher altitude.  I realize that the APRS-IS system prevents propagation studies, but I was also interested in seeing whether I was i-gating any of the packets.  In my local logs, this did appear to be the case.  But on aprs.fi, it looks like mine all got de-duped.  Other, closer, stations were doing all the i-gating.  Curious, I then went to the aprs server I was connected to via port 14501, and wondered whether I might see how many packets I had been i-gating in general.

I noted that there was a /f (friend) filter applied by APRSISCE/32 to one of the balloon call-signs -- I assume it's because I had "centered on" that balloon?

But I don't understand what  "to filter" means in this context.  Some text like this would help clarify:  "The applying of filter parameters will cause your aprs client to XYZ the affected stations' packets..."
What's the XYZ?  Did my filter prevent the packets from going to the aprs-is system, or the reverse?  Is it filtering "for" or "against"?  I'm wondering whether I was merely de-duped, or whether I had inadvertently filtered these beacons out.

73, KD0KZE / Paul

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