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From the book cited: "As we quaffed it [tea brewed from the Boston Tea Party] we received some temporary relief from the ice weather [it was raining, sleeting, and hailing in Boston on December 16, 1973], but all agreed on one thing. The taste of the tea was 'terrible.'"

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Thats cool so up until 1974 decent cups of tea were to be had.

This is all in fun of course and off topic, but will add that to my list of things I did not know but now do



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Yes, at periodic celebrations of the Boston Tea Party as late as 1974 attendees would partake of a cup brewed from tea left from the Boston Tea Party. Edward Rowe Snow wrote about it in one of his books (Supernatural Mysteries and Other Tales, 1974, Dodd Mead & Company, pp 236-249). Ironically, I just finished re-reading his account this week.


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