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I used to do 64oz of Mt. Dew daily, but I've been (nearly) caffeine free for months now. I get to sleep better at night, but sometimes I still think my brain is in a fog!

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Or, real men drink Mountain Dew.

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Real men drink coffee. Tea is for wimps. ;)

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Thats cool so up until 1974 decent cups of tea were to be had.

This is all in fun of course and off topic, but will add that to my list of things I did not know but now do



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Yes, at periodic celebrations of the Boston Tea Party as late as 1974 attendees would partake of a cup brewed from tea left from the Boston Tea Party. Edward Rowe Snow wrote about it in one of his books (Supernatural Mysteries and Other Tales, 1974, Dodd Mead & Company, pp 236-249). Ironically, I just finished re-reading his account this week.

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Hope you are using Metric for that else it might go bad, not saying anything about American launches or anything.

Get a cup of Tea while you are waiting, see if Fred can get some from the harbour (Boston) >From what I here Americans are still using it.

I send parcels of such things to my cousins, who appreciate the finer things.


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