Re: Config APRSIS to VFO B TMD710

Carl Davis

Perhaps Lynn has better answer for you but here is a work a round.
Launch APRSIS, once the 710 is listed as OK, go to the APRS menu in the 710, change data band to B.  I just tried the work a round and it does work.  Bit of a pain but will do the trick so you can monitor airband on A.


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Sent: Thursday, February 4, 2016 12:43 PM
Subject: [aprsisce] Config APRSIS to VFO B TMD710

Sorry for my basic english, and if my problem already post answer . . .
I use APRSIS from several PC via IP from several month, and enjoy it …
Also, with home PC radio, I don’t understand problem to configure Igate  RF <> IS with my TMD 710
Well I verify  RF port config with TMD710  ( mode Kiss APRS12 )
Perhaps delete RF port  and reconfig “ TNC packet “  ???
But when “ Open Command “ test, APRSIS want use only  VFO A
Well, I need use APRS IS  with  VFO B band, because use VFO A Rx other ham and airband …
I must take TMD menu to “ internal TNC “  and  “ databand B band “
And each time, when I send every beacon with “ transmit “  APRSIS takedown  and retake automatically TMD menu “ Databand VFO A “
I editing  XML config file  “ RF port 2 “  but when restart   APRSIS   it change  XML file  “ RF port 1 “   !?!
I hope find answer and understand wich use APRSIS and my TMD710 with  Igate  TNC  VFO B
Sincerely thanks
From F8DHV-4 and  F8DHV-7  ;-)

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