Alinco DR135TP and APRSIS32

Bill Erhardt

GM Gang,

I got an excellent deal on an Alinco DR-135TP to replace my Alinco DR-1200T/KPC-3 as my K7MT Igate.  I needed my Alinco DR-1200T/KPC-3 as a spare in case one of the six mountain top nodes I take care of goes down. 

In fact, EAGLHD went down before Christmas but we cannot get to the site before June. We think the antenna broke off but will know more when we get to the site at 10,000 feet (Well 9,900 or so Feet). 

APRSIS32 and the DR-135TP worked ok for only a few hours in KISS mode.  I thought I had made a bad decision.  So, I tried Simple (Kiss) and all has been working fine for 4 days !! Woo Hoo !!!!  After reading about the internal TNC, EJ-41U, I discovered it does not support the full KISS command set.  Simple KISS seems to be the answer.

Any thoughts out there about Simple KISS and the Alinco DR-135TP?

I run on solar and the Radio with Dimmed Screen draws only about 1/2 amp. Transmit is set to low or 5 watts and that is excellent values for a solar/battery APRS station.

Bill K7MT

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