connect errno 10061


Im getting the error below and im not clear as too why.. I have firewall turned off, i have UPD port forwarding from the router to my PC.  HELP....

WinMain:2016-02-04T01:04:10.389 Logging Enabled

Port(IGate):2016-02-04T01:04:44.137 Restarting Reader...

Port(IGate):2016-02-04T01:04:44.137 TcpReader Running on @ or (0 OpenCmds, 0 CloseCmds)

Port(IGate):2016-02-04T01:04:45.151 connect errno 10061

Port(IGate):2016-02-04T01:04:45.151 connect(@ Failed

Port(IGate):2016-02-04T01:04:45.151 Delaying Restart for 58985/60000 msec

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