Bill Erhardt

Howdy gang,

We have been having issues with two Timewave PSK-232's using the USB A to Mini B cable.  One on packet 145.010 and one on APRS 144.390 using APRS + SA  (KM7DES).  They just loose communications with the computer.  We then both on one computer for a while and then separated them and put them on individual computers.  The problem remained for the last few months..

I had the same issue with my Davis Vue weather station using the same cable. Resolution was to put a 5mm ferrite cylinder near the console of the Weather Station.  It has been running for over a month with no issues.

I bought some extra ferrite cylinders so I put one on each of the Timeware PSK-232  at the TNC side of the cables at the State DES.  They have been running for over two weeks with no issues. I will watch it to make sure this does resolve the issue. 

If it all works out well, I will switch the software over the APRSIS32 at KM7DES.

Just thought you would like to know.

Bill K7MT

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