Bill Erhardt

Howdy gang,

I finally got my SCS PTCIIex operational on Robust Packet with APRSIS32 (K7MT-8)  I have my ICOM706MKIIG set on 10147.300 for RP on the 13 pin port.  I have another APRIS32 program  running HF Packet (K7MT-11) using Signalink Sound Card on the ICOM706 6 pin port and UZ7HO's Software modem and set the center on 2000 khz Versus the Standard 1700.  I am also running APRS messenger and have it set up for 2400 khz /  All three programs are working fine. It is pretty cool to see all three signals on the UZ7HO Sound Card modem and each program picks up their signal all on one radio. I will post a picture of the UZ7HO Screen with all three signals if I can figure it out.

Bill K7MT Helena, Mt.

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