Re: Continously repeating message HELP?

Greg Depew

Frome what I can see your open tracker continues to send your activation key and N6NAR replies back. And  both the open tracker and aprsis32 is using the same ssid. It's best to separate them. 

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From: "wdradtke@... [aprsisce]"
Date: 01/17/2016 20:50 (GMT-05:00)
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Subject: [aprsisce] Continously repeating message HELP?


First off this is an issue with a message from Openaprs not APRSIS32 but it has general APRS implications. I recieved an account verification message via RF and IS.  It continues to repeat itsself to both my mobile rig and base.  As soon as I delete it it its back again like an immortal cockroach.  I have boxes repeatedly beeping at me in the car and shack.  The sender tells me there is nothing to be done. Should this decay off the system or is it a terminal (as in shut-down my systems to make it go away) issue?  Any ideas?

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