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Greg Depew

Actually I think quite a few people would be interested in seeing a rocket show up on the aprs display at a couple thousand feet!

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That's interesting.  Would I be able to have both positions displayed on one screen?  I guess the Local Server Port configuration is what I would have to learn to setup in the "primary" instance
of APRSIS32 to monitor the incoming NMEA data on the "second" instance?

I'm not interested in having the tracked device (amateur rocket) going out over APRS-IS as I don't think anyone else would be interested.  When I use an APRS tracker, it's on 70cm and if 
I were to use a 2 meter AP510 I'd tune it to something other than 144.390 as a once every 5 second position packet would understandably irk the users on the national frequency.

Out where we fly there is no easily accessible internet source.  The folks that use Android phones can use utilities there but I have a $20.00 subscription phone for calls.


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Why not just put a new copy of APRSIS32.EXE into a new directory and configure it to use the "second NMEA stream" as it's own GPS?  Whatever station ID you configure there is what would track the incoming data and ME on that instance would be the live location.

If you then configured a Local Server port in your main instance and configured this new instance to use that as the APRS-IS port, you'll accomplish everything you're setting out to do.

Or you could just configure the new instance with a proper passcode and connect it to the main APRS-IS and allow the world to see the second stream's beacons as the station that you are injesting them from.

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