Re: Receiving messages on APRSIS

Greg Depew

I'm going to guess here and say it was a
 Mic-E notification and also guess that unless you have them deselected that you also closed a multitrack with the station in question. I'm not entirely sure what you would use a Mic-E of warning for anyway. I have used the en route, in service, and off duty. And also have tested the Emergency as well.

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Date: 01/03/2016 22:44 (GMT-05:00)
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Subject: [aprsisce] Receiving messages on APRSIS


I check my screen every so often and see the green call signs in the upper left corner. Most of them have transmitted "Special" but came across one today that said "Warning." No text to explain it. Not sure if it is directed at me or my station or if it's a local guy warning about the icy roads and weather we are having. There is no contact otherwise from this station and no other text was sent. Could one shed some light as to why someone would send a warning and not explain themselves about that? It says new chat between (other station) and my station, as they all do.

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