Re: Can you make the scroller window bigger?

Greg Depew

I highly recommend you bookmark and give that a look. 

As for your specific question take a look at

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Play with Configure / Screen / Orientation options.  Or just play with the window shape (tall vs wide).

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Greetings from a newbie and Happy New Year to all.  I just joined the group and have a couple hours of experience with the application.  I watched a few videos on Youtube that showed the scroller window being the whole left side of the screen.  Mine seems to only hold 6 entries.  I have cruised through some of the Wiki and have not found a configuration parameter for this.

I am running version from 8/29/2012.  Can this be changed or is it a fixed size now with no way to really scroll it?

I have been using UIView but have hit a roadblock trying to reinstall it on a PC that previously had it - so I ended up here.

Thanks to all,

Dave - KD7UM

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