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Lynn Deffenbaugh

You'll also see two columns of station IDs if you check Configure / Scroller / Show IGate/Digi.  The left column will be the station that APRSISCE thinks repeated the packet before you received it.  For APRS-IS (non *'d) packets, this will be the IGate that gated the packet.  For RF packets, this will be the digipeater that you heard the packet from (if it is doing proper callsign insertion).  If the left column is blank, then it appears you heard the packet direct from the origin station (directly via RF or an APRS-IS station).

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I got my igate setup to show in the left hand window scroller RF stations .. can someone explain what the symbols means.

i've got stations with 
and some with *2 after the calls

what does  each one mean.

i should not be receiving any internet stations in that window if i have rf only check.

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