Re: Does aprsisce support Socks proxy?

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I didn't run both AGWTracker and APRSISCE same time.
So why APRSISCE doesn't connect to APRS server?
I can't answer that because see below...

When I set proxy server in connection setting,
is the socks handled by the socket API or the application like Pocket IE?
If Socket API, I think the APRSISCE should run.
If the application, I think the application support is needed.
It is the socket API. The design of the Socks Proxy is to go between the TCP stack and the application and be invisible to the application. I don't know why AGWTracker connects and APRSISCE doesn't. I recommend looking closely at your server and port definitions in AGWTracker and APRSISCE and make sure they are exactly the same.


Pete AE5PL

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