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Dear Pete,

I didn't run both AGWTracker and APRSISCE same time.
So why APRSISCE doesn't connect to APRS server?

When I set proxy server in connection setting,
is the socks handled by the socket API or the application like Pocket IE?
If Socket API, I think the APRSISCE should run.
If the application, I think the application support is needed.


2010/1/31 ae5pl <>:
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Thanks reply and I understood, but it is very inconvenience.
Because not only putty but also AGWTracker support it.
Please add it in your plan..

My phone prover is EMOBILE.
And MMS connection requres the following settings. / 8080 (HTTP proxy) 1080 (Socks proxy)

APRSISCE does not need to do anything to support the Socks proxy.  It is "transparent" to the application.  In other words, you don't do anything in putty or AGWTracker to accomodate the Socks proxy.  It is up to you to ensure that the Socks proxy properly intercepts the port you are connecting to in APRS-IS as a telnet type port.

The Socks proxy is very old technology put in place to help restrict normal non-HTTP TCP traffic.  It affects all non-HTTP applications on a device and must be configured to allow individual port connections.  My guess is that your cell phone provider uses it to restrict type of access to streaming sites and "banned" sites.  It should not interfere with APRSISCE if AGWTrackerPocket works as they both use the same TCP socket API.


Pete AE5PL


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