Re: Ftm 400 c4fm objects

Greg Depew

That's the original object for the original analog repeater. I haven't modified it yet. The new repeater is running Automatic mode whereas FM in FM out C4FM in C4FM out. I have made the suggestion that we enabe tone on the FM part so people can  tone squelch the C4FM. Still waiting for that. Hence the question of what does the 400 output in its packets when running C4FM. If I can answer that I can make it in to the QSYable object. We also have 4 other repeaters running the same call sign of W3ZIC so I chose to set them up as frequency objects. And I believe the Kenwood radios will QSY directly off the object name if I remember right.

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Greg KB3KBR wrote...

> As of right now the object stands as...
> 444.125+W 444.125MHz Toff +500 W3ZIC in the comment field.

My preference is to use the callsign for the name of the
object with a -R on the end so it stands out from all of
the other callsigns. Then it is unique unless you have
multiple repeaters running under the same callsign. What
about the Toff? Without a tone on the output, the users
with FM-only radios will get to listen to the C4FM
transmissions... or are you running it in FM only?

73 Keith VE7GDH

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