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Greg Depew

I already have the object up on aprsisce/32 as we had just an FM repeater in place before. They've replaced the repeater with one of the system fusion ones and I wanted to update my object to reflect as such but not sure how to do that other then to append system fusion or something at the end. As of right now the object stands as 444.125+W  444.125MHz Toff +500 W3ZIC in the comment field. 

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Greg KB3KBR wrote...

> I was wondering if the FTM-400 has the ability to send the QSY
> freq of the other side of the radio like the ftm 350 can.

Yes, the FTM-400 can send the voice frequency, but it is in a
position report, not an object. It is also capable of QSYing
to the frequency sent by another radio, or one embedded in
a repeater object. The format is as follows.

17:43:09R VE7GDH-9>T8TXYS :
`37=l -/`147.320MHz C088 +060_%

> What the main question is is if it can how does the packet
> format when the other side is in C4FM mode? We have recently
> installed a system fusion repeater that I like to push out
> but I don't know how to format it.

However, if the voice frequency was set to C4FM it would
be as follows... with the FM tone not shown. I'm going to
report that to Yaesu to see if they can include the tone
for FM when it's set to C4FM.

18:08:50R VE7GDH-9>T8TXYS :
`37=l -/`147.320MHz Toff +060_%

I usually enter a fixed status text complete with the
tone for FM. This works for me as I always have at least
one radio listening to the repeater.

The DR-1X isn't capable of sending an object or position
report itself, at least not normally. One individual connected
the head from an FTM-400 and programmed it to send APRS
beacons from the B side, but it only be workable if e.g.
the repeater was on UHF anf the APRS frequency was on VHF.
You would need a VHF-UHF duplexer connected to the TX port
to split the two frequencies, and a separate antenna for
APRS. It would be transmit only. Too much messing around
for me! I'm not planning on fooling around with it. The
DR-1X makes a great repeater, but I wouldn't want to try
and kludge APRS into it.

73 Keith VE7GDH

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