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Greg Depew

Check out this link that winlink  has provided

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The person to contact is Jeremy N1ZZZ. His email address is listed on He does just that when he is out to sea. He somehow has APRS messaging alert him that he has Winlink email.

73 de Glenn WB2LMV

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First you'll need a Winlink guru to show me what the notifications actually are, and then we can talk about getting them (selectively) from -IS to RF.

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On 3/29/2015 4:26 PM, Bob Harris knineudx@... [aprsisce] wrote:
A fellow ham wants to use aprsis32 to forward Winlink notifications from aprs-is to rf so he can get them and read the messages on his Kenwood mobile transceiver.

Since I am not a Winlink user and the stuff I have found on the web is obscure to me, I cannot give him much help. I have learned (I think) that the notifications are messages from one of the Winlink servers and should be on aprs-is. After that I'm lost.

Is there a message guru (Lynn?) that can help us?
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