Re: Quiet Time and RF Port

James Ewen


The Quiet Time is the maximum length of time during which a packet should have been heard on that port. If no packet is heard within the specified time, the port is closed and re-opened using all of the configure s. This is provided as a way to detect a possibly dropped network or bluetooth connection, or maybe even a TNC that has lost its mode and needs a restart to recover. Because there is no heartbeat/keepalive capability on a TNC connection, an RF Port Quiet Time must be set long enough to cover the maximum expected elapsed time between packet receptions. If set too short, the port will unnecessarily close and re-open itself periodically, possibly resulting in dropped packets across the restart. A Quiet Time of zero disables this function.

So, don't set this on a KISS-type port on a Kenwood radio. The default s will leave the radio's TNC turned off until you manually turn it back on.

Don't set this on any port that doesn't have a steady stream of expected traffic (like an HF APRS radio port). It just doesn't work out very well.

If you have a steady APRS traffic hum on your radio port, set the Quiet Time to 2-3 TIMES the quiet time you'd expect to see on the channel. This gives APRSISCE/32 a chance to reset the channel if it goes quiet too long. If you have sounds enabled, you'll heard bings and bongs while the radio port transitions through the various states of a restart.


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The RF port in my case labeled 144.390 periodically will close and reopen.  I read the help file on quiet time and understood this as a parameter for APRS-IS internet  port.  Is it normal behavior for the RF port to close and reopen in accordance with the quiet time setting?


Bob, N2NF

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