Re: APRSis-32 and the Kenwood tmd72 what i learnt

Lynn Deffenbaugh

On 3/26/2015 11:43 AM, [aprsisce] wrote:

10. what will happen is the SSID thats from the handheld (M0XAN-7) will beacon and will show up on the map and this is the one if you right click and follow will move you round the map with you

anyway thats is as far as ive got with the software i think next will be how to use the message system but i will leave that for another day
Brace yourself because when you transmit a message on RF, the D72 will adopt the APRSIS32 callsign-SSID and then your follow will quit working because M0XAN-7 won't beacon until after the next radio power cycle.

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