APRSis-32 and the Kenwood tmd72 what i learnt

sean grant

first of all i must thank everyone for replying to my ask for help

i know have the system working how i want it to work ie track me and show everyone.

while doing this i found some interesting things thanks to all help so let me tell you how i did it 

1. first off all quite simple i loaded the software on to a windows 7 note book then i updated the software i think this was important.

2. i filled in the relevant details  ie call sign  etc( M0XAN-1) 

3.  conected handheld and loaded up the relevent drivers for the notebook to talk to (important) 

4. i went to the config setting and open up a port i used the pre configured KWD710(aprs)and told it what com port to look at mine was 3 

5. now you need to set up the SSID on the handheld (this is were i went wrong and thanks to you all for your help ) mine is M0XAN-7

6. also you need to make sure the settings on the handheld is talking to the computer this is simple just open pc port (menu 350)

7.  set frequency in the UK its 144.800Mhz 

8.  now you should be receiving data 

9. Now comes the hard bit you will find that the handheld and the software will want to beacon both SSID's goto enables tab on in the software drop down the menu and un click beaconing enabled and that will stop the software telling the handheld to stop transmitting the software SSID (in my case M0XAN-1 ) 

now your thinking but it still showing on the screen yes it will but there will be no RF/internet beaconing from that SSID.

10. what will happen is the SSID thats from the handheld (M0XAN-7) will beacon and will show up on the map  and this is the one if you right click and follow will move you round the map with you 

anyway thats is as far as ive got with the software i think next will be how to use the message system but i will leave that for another day 

Again thank you for your help and i hope the above helps others out there too 




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